Nantucket Beadboard

Bead Profiles

A savvy consumer knows that subtle differences matter. All dress shirts, for example, are not alike; the choice you make about collars, cuffs, and cut projects the taste of the wearer. This maxim absolutely applies to the bead profile—the distinctive groove cut into each Nantucket® BeadBoard product—you choose for your building project.

Your bead profile should reflect your individual taste, which is why we offer unique stock profiles and additional special-order profiles. We also offer the option to create your own custom profile.

Take some time to consider these options, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions. Beadboard is what we do; we're more than happy to share our expertise, so your building project will be a success.

  • Accent 14
  • Accent 16
  • Accent 21

Stock Profiles

  • standard bead
  • v-bead
  • v-groove
  • channel bead
  • v-groove 3/8 material

Special Order Profiles

  • channel bead
  • large v-bead
  • v-groove
  • jumbo v-bead