Nantucket Beadboard

Custom Substrates

If the substrates we have in stock aren't exactly what your project requires, take a look at the custom order substrate materials we can use to create exactly the beadboard products you need.

Fire Rated

Nantucket® BeadBoard FRTM products are manufactured from premium-grade fire resistant fiberboard. FRTM products suit commercial projects where fire rated material has been specified, and are ideal for a variety of applications, including ceilings, wainscot, partition walls, elevators, and store fronts.

Stain Grade

Natural and stain-grade products (NSGTM) from Nantucket® BeadBoard are manufactured using birch, maple, and oak veneers, with either MDF or veneer cores. Additional woods are available, and we offer a wide range of size and thickness options. NSGTM can also be ordered as Series 100 or 200 class products.

X-G Sheets

With X-G Sheets the beading runs across the short dimension of a sheet. This is extremely useful for cabinetry, furniture, wainscot, and store fixture work. Most of our Stock and Special Order profiles are available as X-G (cross grain). Contact us to verify if your core, thickness, and profile choice are X-G compatible.