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About Us

About Us

Precision is what sets Nantucket® BeadBoard apart; precision is the reason why we're the leader in beadboard manufacture.

Our origins in cabinetmaking have much to do with this precision-in fact, we still maintain a custom cabinet shop, where we continue to hone our artistry. We've also invested in unique, state-of-the-art milling equipment-a hallmark of our production since we began. The difference this makes in our products is immediately apparent: you'll know it by the depth and accuracy of our bead profiles.

Ultimately, the Nantucket® BeadBoard difference is philosophical. We're not salesmen, creating product for no other purpose than to fulfill a bottom line. We're craftsmen, determined to produce a high-end building material that will not only satisfy customers, but ourselves. We're proud of our beadboard products and confident that when you install Nantucket® BeadBoard, you will be too.


Great ideas may arrive in an instant, but it requires time to turn a great idea into a great product. Nantucket® BeadBoard is one such product: simple, elegant, and refined over time.

Tom Miller came to Nantucket eager to put his cabinetmaking skills to work; within three years, in 1984, he opened the island’s first production cabinet shop. From the vantage of his business, he kept a keen eye out for new building possibilities. During those years, Tom honed his skills and studied local architecture. He particularly admired the distinctive look of tongue and groove paneling, common in Nantucket homes, and so worked to solve the main problems tongue and groove presented builders: it was labor-intensive and required frequent maintenance.

In 1992, Tom found his solution. He cut grooves into a 4′ wide sheet of medium density fiberboard (MDF)—these grooves became known as the Standard Bead. He had achieved the classic tongue and groove look, but in a fully modern way.

Architects, designers, and contractors immediately recognized that beadboard was ideal for many different building projects, and so the demand for Nantucket® BeadBoard quickly rose. With such demand, Nantucket® Beadboard grew from a production cabinet shop to a full-fledged manufacturing company. Nantucket® BeadBoard products were now not only for homes on Nantucket, but were shipped off-island—to a rapidly growing customer base.

In 1998, the Nantucket Beadboard Company, Inc. was formed to meet the growing demand for wholesale distribution, and Nantucket BeadBoard’s dedicated manufacturing facility was moved from Nantucket to New Hampshire. With the addition of an automated paint facility, our beadboard products can be shipped to you primed and ready to install.

As the company expanded, so did its product line. New bead profiles were developed, from the classic V-Bead to the modern Channel Bead. New sheet and shiplap strip materials were introduced, such as the moisture resistant substrates MRITM and MRXTM, ideal for bathrooms and basements. We’re also actively concerned about the environment, and have a number of environmentally friendly products (EFPs) available.

There is a simple reason why Nantucket® BeadBoard is the premier beadboard product on the market: our company was founded on a great idea. From the strength of that idea we continue to grow, refine, and develop new ideas. Nantucket® BeadBoard is your simply elegant building solution.